Update 1.2.2

Today’s update is very small, but important. Besides a minor accessory improvement to the engine, I have made a few tweaks that will affect the balance of the earlier phases of the game.
Your Sword, Shield and Javelin Skills will start at 29, 29 and 26 respectively, instead of 29/29/29. However, now after the first main battle you get a 5-point bonus to all your Skills instead of 3, and 4 points after the second.

This is to reflect the fact that his first real combat experience and his first pitched battle should deeply affect your legionary’s confidence and reliability in a fight.
To accomodate for the lower starting value of the Javelin Skill, the safe option for your first javelin throw (the one where you just aim for the mass of enemies in front of you instead of picking off a specific target) is less demanding.

More importantly, improvements while using the basic sparring training (the one that is always available, regardless of your relationship with your fellow legionaries) are a little easier, especially between 40 and the low 50s.

These changes should make the first campaign easier to survive, its two middle sections in particular. It won’t make it a cakewalk. The way you manage your legionary in and outside of combat is still of utmost importance for his survival.

I have also updated the free demo with the latest changes.