Version 0.12.8 release notes

Features and changes

  • You can now modify your equipment during some battle phases, if circumstances allow. There is an icon on the Inventory button to point out that you can view your equipment but cannot change it.
  • Equipment penalties are suspended if you visit the Numidian camp, since you are supposed to be under disguise and without your usual equipment.
  • If you meet a patrol of spearmen during a random event, you’ll no longer get a cup if you attack along with your men and defeat one of them. Also, the fight times out after about 35 rounds. You’ll still get a cup if you kill their leader in single combat.
  • It is slightly more difficult to train your skills above 63, but you should barely notice. By the end of part eight, I can still consistently train my legionary to be more skilled than any enemy he can face up to that point.
  • The length of Lull phases is no longer partly random.
  • The cost in points of all the equipment pieces that can be acquired during the Character Enhancement phase has been reduced. The only exception is the Chain Mail.
  • The bonus to your Centurion Opinion at the beginning of the second campaign is Consul Opinion*2 instead of Consul Opinion*3.


  • Fixed a potential freeze during the “harsh winter” random event.
  • Improved the way some attempts to cheat are handled.