Version 1.1.4 release notes

  • When characters fail to Recover twice in a row, their chance to succeed is increased by 16% for each further consecutive attempt. The increase is 8% if the character is Fatigued and 4% if Tired. Exhausted character do not benefit from this bonus. Like every rule, this applies to both the player and the AI controlled characters. Success is still guaranteed for characters who have not been attacked for a whole round.
  • The AI should Respite more often, especially when it is more fatigued than its opponent(s).
  • During the third battle, your Fatigue is partially reduced before you are attacked by the light infantry.
  • The way the Hall of Fame is saved has been changed to protect it from potential data corruption in case of extremely unlucky events, like power shortages happening at the exact moment the file is being written.
  • Ambushes in forests during foraging missions have a brief cooldown period.
  • Fixed: potential crash while skipping the introduction too fast at the beginning of a main event.
  • Fixed: a few more typos.
  • Other minor changes.