Version 1.2.7 release notes

  • Workouts are initially 50% more likely to improve your Attributes. The odds will drop a little faster than before the farther you get from the initial value.
  • Similarly, your mental Attributes will improve more often when you successfully complete a foraging mission or show good leadership.
  • The chance to skip a combat turn because of slow speed has been decreased. If a character has a Quickness score of 50, the chance to skip a turn and the chance to obtain an extra action are now the same (assuming full Stance, no Fatigue and Content Morale). Suboptimal Stance and levels of Fatigue will still significantly slow you down. Morale will continue to have a small effect, too.
  • The Phalanx had its Quickness reduced.
  • Fixed a minor bug that allowed users to interact with the Health bar in the main character screen. The underlying Health value was unaffected, so it was substantially harmless.
  • The name you choose when you generate a new legionary is saved and reused as default when you create the next one (it won’t work for currently active characters: the name is only saved when you assign it to a new character).