Version 1.2 release notes

  • Support for localization is now full.
  • A certain fellow legionary whose life you can save in Hispania should be a little more resilient.
  • During the third main battle, there is now an opportunity to change your equipment after the scouting mission.
  • The way the persistence of the Hall of Fame is handled has been changed to allow a more user-friendly approach in case something very unfortunate happens, like a power shortage at the exact moment the file is being written. The solution adopted in a previous version wasn’t effective enough.
  • Fix: when polearm using enemies were hit by a javelin thrown by the player, the disrupting effect on their Reach advantage lasted for one round longer than intended.
  • Fix: joysticks are now prevented from interfering with movement during foraging missions.
  • Fix: a Cup could be wrongly assigned to the player character after defeating a normal Gallic mercenary, if a mercenary leader had been defeated in a similar encounter during the same game. The Cup should only be assigned when the leader is defeated in single combat, not when one of his henchmen is killed in formation fighting.