Version 1.3.14 release notes


  • Added a brief description to over 40 enemy types. The description can be seen in the details screen of each enemy (and ally), below the name. It should provide more background information to players who are not familiar with the time period, and also add more depth to the encounters.
  • Fights against enemies who have the terrain advantage are preceded by an alert that explains the situation and its consequences. The icon indicating this condition and your Stance circle are highlighted for a brief moment. High ground is a crucial factor in combat and it was commonly overlooked by players. This change should make it less elusive.
  • When fighters enter the fray, a tip will remind you that you can click on their avatar to see detailed information about them. If you find this feature annoying, you can turn it off in the Combat options.
  • Every time you adjust your Attitude, a basic tip will appear next to the slider to show whether your Attack and Defense are being affected positively or negatively. This should help new players figure out as early as possible how Attitude affects their performance, and its extreme importance in combat.
  • Libyan spearmen now spawn in the second campaign with exactly the same range of possible skills they have in the first.
  • If your missing Health is less than 10% of its maximum value (for example, if your current Health is 46/50), you won’t lose Morale when you spend turns during the camp phase. If the missing portion is 10% or more, the behavior will be the same as before.