Version 1.3.7 release notes

  • The first change requires a little explanation: as before, when fighters use the Recover action and have not been attacked since their last turn, the action succeeds automatically with no roll involved. As usual, it is true for both player and the AI controlled characters. This is already explained in both the action tooltip and the combat manual, but in order to make it more noticeable, from now on, whenever a character benefits from an automatically successful Recover action, the message will be “Succeeded! (Undisturbed)” instead of the ordinary “Succeeded!”. The combat log will also contain a more detailed explanation. This should hopefully make the mechanism a little more conspicuous, especially to new players.
  • The German translation has been further refined.
  • The implementation of the Hall of Fame has been improved.
  • If your job in preserving the lives of your men at Ottolobus is deemed “excellent”, the impact on your reward at the end of the battle is bigger.