210 BCE. Long before Rome was the capital of a vast empire, it came very close to being wiped from history. As Hannibal’s army ravaged the Italic peninsula, Scipio set sail for Hispania in a desperate attempt to prevent reinforcements from joining the Carthaginian general and seal Rome’s fate…

In A Legionary’s Life you won’t be Scipio or Hannibal or any of the big names that went down in history. You’ll be a simple Roman conscript soldier. Rise up through the ranks and win prestigious awards or just focus on making it home in one piece; it’s up to you.

This is a single-player game with RPG elements, extensive usage of attribute and skill checks, a turn-based combat system involving many variables (including morale, reach, confined space and high ground) and a touch of roguelike features. Among them, permadeath. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means you’ll have to start over if your character dies; but don’t worry, the game is designed to be replayable and you’ll see only a fraction of it in each run.

A free demo is available here.
You can buy the full game here.