Version 0.12 release notes

Features and changes

  • Added an option to make combat go slower or faster than normal.
  • Added a VSync option to limit the FPS rate. This is enabled by default.
  • Added an introductory note that appears on the first character creation screen. It should help new players to get an idea of what to expect.
  • The tutorial part about the “thumbs up/down” indicator has been expanded a little to provide an explanation.
  • If you kill the leader of the mercenaries in a settlement during a foraging mission, you are rewarded with a Cup.
  • The bracelet stolen from the enemy camp yields 121 denarii instead of 28 if you share the profit with Nasidius. If you kill Nasidius and take it all for yourself (your Virtue has to be pretty low for this option to show up), you get 242 denarii instead of 56.
  • Changed “Malus” to a more understandable “Penalty” in item descriptions.
  • The max quality of items generated in shops is now capped at 6 instead of 8.
  • The base damage of spears has been reduced to 4-15 from 5-16.
  • The Awareness penalty of Etrusco-Corinthian helmets has been reduced from 5 to 4.


  • Himilco is now correctly shown on the list of vanquished enemies.
  • A crash happening after you return part of the supplies to the villagers after defeating the mercenaries should be fixed.
  • During foot races you are correctly told when the second lap begins.