Version 1.3.1 release notes


  • There is a further indicator for Feints and Shield Attacks. It shows the overall chance of full success (that is, the combined probability to pass both the primary Skill check and the Resist check).
  • When the chance to hit is extremely low, attacks will succeed only partially. The target will be Grazed instead of being Hit, and the damage will be reduced to 30% of its value. Weapon Skill values above 35 will progressively reduce this possibility. The victim’s lack of Stance will also make this occurrence more rare.
  • Bull’s-eye shots are only possible when the chance to hit is at least 50%.
  • The mechanics of how javelins can break shields has been reworked.
  • First javelin throws (the text-based ones) have been revised. Direct kills are only possible if your chance to hit the enemies is good enough.
  • Stance damage for successful Charge attacks reduced from 80-100 to 60-70.
  • Stance damage for successful Knock attacks reduced from 64-80 to 48-56.
  • Stance damage for failed Shield attacks of any kind reduced from 30-60 to 20-35.
  • Stance damage for successful Shield Push attacks against the phalanx increased from 16-20 to 24-28.
  • Knock attacks are a little more likely to hit.
  • Min damage of all weapons increased by 3.
  • Max damage of all weapons decreased by 1.
  • Handiness of Gladius Hispaniensis – type V raised from 51 to 53.
  • Damage protection of quilted linen cuirass increased from 7 to 8.
  • Torso Cover of pectoral plate increased from 35 to 40.
  • Torso Cover of back-and-breast plate increased from 50 to 57.


  • When a character with low Virtue tries to speed up his career by removing the opposition and fails miserably, the Game Over is now properly handled.