Update 1.3.1

There are several important news regarding the combat system.

Visible chance of full success for Feints and Shield Attacks

Actions like Feints and Shield attacks have always had two indicators: the first represents the primary, mostly Skill based check, and the second represents the chance to overcome the opponent’s resistance (based on Awareness for all Feints, but also on Quickness for Quick Feints). A full success requires the attacker to pass both checks. When they saw two circles showing a chance of success of about 70%, some players assumed that the overall chance was about the same, but combined probability doesn’t work that way and the chance was much lower than they expected. This led to a lot of misunderstandings about the fairness of the RNG. To avoid such confusion in the future, I have added a third indicator that calculates the combined probability for you and shows the overall chance of complete success.

A note to veteran players: nothing has changed in the mechanics of Feints. They work exactly as they did before; there is just this further bit of (hopefully useful) information shown.

Partial hits

I have introduced these to address extremely lucky shots by weak AI controlled characters happening even if the player was being careful. You won’t see them often, because they only trigger when attacks with a very low chance to hit connect, but they are there as an additional layer of protection against vastly inferior and unskilled enemiesproviding your defensive position is good enough. More details are in the changelog.

Changes to javelin throws

Let’s face it, some of those one-shot kills were fairly anticlimatic, especially when they happened on a fluke. Bull’s-eye shots are still possible, but only when the chance to hit is at least 50%.

I have also changed the way javelins can break shields: now the rolls are more dependent on your chance to hit and influenced by your Attitude.


The demo has been updated too.

Thanks to all of you who have expressed support and encouragement!